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Extra Services & Amenities

We offer extra services and amenities to our customers for an additional cost. Our services are likely to boost review ratings and assist in reducing the stress associated with caring for the details. We are here to help so contact us for more information!

Pre-Arrival Service

We will stage lighting, turn on TV or music, and set the AC/ceiling fans prior to guest arrival. This will spruce up your unit for a home away from home, comfortable, and inviting feel that will make your guests want to return on their next vacation.

Fruit Baskets

Who doesn't love walking into a unit and having a delicious and healthy treat readily available? We can arrange to have fruit baskets delivered for your guests to enjoy a taste of paradise.

Towel Swans

We can have these handmade towel swans waiting for your guests. These are a beautiful addition to any bedroom.

Basic Amenities

A bathroom is not complete without basic amenities. Toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. Let us help alleviate the stress of providing the basics.

Wine Set Up

A perfect way to set a memorable vacation. We will get the wine set for a lasting, memorable occasion.

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