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Vacation Condo Solutions

 Having numerus vacationing strangers staying in your home can be rough on it. We'll help keep yours maintained, thoroughly cleaned and secure. At Janitorial Cleaning Services Hawaii LLC we prided ourselves over the years in helping our clients get top rated reviews, enhancing their guest experience and limiting the stress associated with STR's (short term rentals). We are now offering condo monitoring/maintenance service packages at affordable prices as requested from many of our current clients. These are additional services and doesn't interfere with our current cleaning turn over procedures, as always, guest arrival service, vacant dirty and departure damage reporting will still be included with our current and future clientele.


The Basic

Our Basic Package includes STR 24/7 on island contact, storm preparation and once monthly condo inspection report with pictures. 10%off all handyman repairs done by us.

$49.99 a Month


Our Ohana Package includes the Basic plus quarterly/semiannually battery and filter change out, includes door pad, smoke detectors, remotes, HVAC and refrigerator filters. 15%off all handyman repairs done by us.

$89.99 a Month​


Our Waikoloan Package includes the Basic/Ohana packages Plus Propane tank refill and swap service up to 12-5 gal tanks yearly, annual Dryer vent cleaning, Pressure washing, annual tile and grout or Carpet cleaning and 30%off all handyman repairs done by us.

$179.99 a Month​

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